House Sitting for Fun and Comfort

One of the world’s little-known ways to travel safely and inexpensively is not just for nomads

Whether you house sit, or hire others to care for your house and pet while you’re away, house sitting is a service that benefits all parties. Although each agreement varies, the general arrangement is that the sitter will live in the home and care for the property and (usually) pet(s) in exchange for free accommodation.

After reading our story, you might think that house sitting is only for people who want to live as digital nomads. But that’s not the case! In our travels, we’ve met many individuals and couples who house sit as a way to save money on accommodations during their yearly vacations and weekend getaways.

Think about what you spent for a hotel or Airbnb stay on your last vacation. Now add that amount to the budget you had for vacation spending. It was probably enough to pay for at least one very nice meal out, or maybe enough to extend your vacation by several days. Is house sitting starting to make more sense for you yet?

“Every day is a journey and the journey itself is home.” Matsuo Basho

Or, maybe you’re a homeowner who wants to save the cost of boarding your pet or hiring a paid pet sitter to come in several times a day to walk, feed, or change the litter box. What could be better than someone in your home full time, caring for all your pet’s needs and keeping them company, at no cost to you?

We have house sat and cared for the owners’ pets while they were house sitting for someone else’s house and animals. This arrangement works very well for grandparents whose children and grandchildren live in another city. Our first sit through our international house sitting site was such a case. While we were in their Atlanta-area home to be close to our family, our hosts were house sitting for someone else in Texas so they could be close to their grandchildren!

Other benefits

In addition to being cost-effective, house sitting offers other perks for all concerned. Here are just a few…

For House Sitters

Staying in someone’s home allows you to cook at home, which not only saves money, but is truly necessary for someone with a vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo, or other special diet.

It’s comfortable to have all the conveniences of home: kitchen, clothes washing machine and dryer, television, internet that’s secure and not public-access, and more.

You can choose locations that are in residential communities and not be a “tourist target.”

For Home Owners

Your home is more secure when someone is living there and break-ins and vandalism are less likely to occur during your absence.

Your pet’s regular routine is not disturbed. Boarding pets can lead to illness and behavior problems later on.

Sitters can water plants, bring in mail, and secure your home in the event of natural emergencies that may occur while you’re gone. You won’t have to cut your vacation short because a hurricane or snow storm is predicted in your home area.

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