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zero waste, eco-friendly car

Long before we ever heard the term “zero waste,” our efforts toward sustainable living extended past our personal space to include the world’s living room…

Spring in Seattle

As happens frequently in slow travel, our scheduled 5-week stay in Seattle increased to over 2 months. We extended our time to include extra house…

Winter in the Pacific Northwest

Winter in the Pacific Northwest (PNW) is considered off-season for some pretty good reasons. It’s gray. It’s rainy. It’s cold. The days are incredibly short—and…

Why We Chose to House Sit
Kitchen in our cabin house sit

Since we began to house sit full time in June 2017, we’ve crossed the entire United States—from Cape Fear, NC to Cape Disappointment, WA. We’ve…

Gemignani Photo Artistry Featured Image

20 Rowboats. Rockport, MA.

  • from 12" x 11.25" (2 sizes)
  • printed on aluminum, canvas or acrylic
  • ready to hang
  • digital signature

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